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KitIndex is for Searching, Selling and Finding any kit (Built or Not-Built), Posting personal sales adverts and connecting people together free of charge, so please support this site and our advertisers

Mobile Monitoring

Mobile Monitoring has been setup to address the issue that the providers are having in providing Independent Voice Quality and Data Coverage, we provide this information to anybody requesting it with a small subscription charge, whether you are a user trying to select the best provider for your needs or you are a provider having a lot of complaints from one particular area.

Motor Discounts

Motor Discounts is a simple website listing companies that sell motor parts, also you can place classified adverts to sell your parts and it's totally FREE,

Marlow Enterprises

We are a small family business that specialise in helping other small to large companies achieve their IT requirements, we also develop new services as required. Our specialist areas are Networks, Testing, Automation and Web portals,

Cleaning Contract

Welcome to, this is a simple site to find or supply cleaning services and it's totally FREE, all Cleaning suppliers can list their contact details and anybody requiring a cleaner can place a FREE classified advert,

Marlow's Blog Page

Welcome to the Marlow Family Blog page, this is just a fun page of what we have been up to, This is for everybody ......